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    My name is Bianca Alvarado, and I am the Community Outreach Director at We Empower Enterprises. We’re writing to you because we understand that you share our belief that every woman around the world, regardless of income or background, deserves to live a fulfilling life— and that initiatives like ours exist to uplift and empower them to do so.

    First, I want to let you know how much we connect with your mission Latina women  and the work you’re doing through your scholarship program. It’s truly inspiring.

    As with a lot of other initiatives, COVID-19 has awakened our ability to be resilient and support one another. In that spirit, We Empower Enterprises is building programs to empower and inspire women to turn their ideas into their reality by building fiercely successful businesses, and lives they love.

    We are looking for partners to share resources with that fulfill our mutual mission in supporting women. In past partnerships, we have provided free workshops, courses, and events both online and live. We have covered topics for women in the areas of business, health, confidence-building, and resilience. How can we help support the women in your organization?

    There is strength in numbers, and we believe it is time to make a powerful difference together. Let’s schedule a time to talk and see how we can collaborate.

    Feel free to email me as well!

    I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can support each other and our members.

    Bianca [email protected](623) 208-6845482 W. San Ysidro Boulevard #1206 San Ysidro CA 92173


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