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    We are writing this post to help you protect yourselves, spouses, and families. Also asking for your help to share this with as many as possible to protect them as well. If you do not believe us then we have given you as much info as possible to help you research yourselves. I have seen three times the posting of Joe Biden giving a speech and saying “Amendments are not guaranteed.” Joe Biden and his son have made millions from the Chinese Communist Party. I see Senator Blumenthal giving a speech at a Communist Party recruiting party. I hear Bernie Sanders say “He has no problem hearing anyone calling him a Communist”, and I see the Squad standing up to defend the Cuban Communist regime during the Cuban people’s protest for food. Think America – has the Democratic Party turned Communist and ready to strip our freedoms/rights to take over America. Speaking of Communist Party, I bet most of you did not know the Communist Party USA is active in the Democratic Party, LGBTQ organization, AFL-CIO unions AOC and other Squad members, BLM, Antifa, Professors teaching our youth in colleges and Universities, financing small businesses with the threat of removing money if they are not supported. BLM was meeting with the Chinese Communist Party before the last presidential election. Most people do not know that George Soros and his children financed Communist Van Jones who is linked with Nancy Pelosi. Soros also financed Barack Obama. His father was a Communist and when he abandoned Barack, he was mentored by a card carrying Communist Party member who taught him all he knows. Its reported Barack has admitted he leans toward the Chinese form of Communism rather than Russia. Democrats want to control workers with union/Communist control. AOC and Elizabeth Warren, radical Socialist/Communist, came to Texas to deceive/manipulate/use Hispanics/Latinos for their votes. The Democrats do not understand that these groups are people of morals, values, character, integrity, and principles. They are not easily played or used.. It is time to eliminate all the above Communists organizations/unions/persons/Professors out of government/education and America. We must vote out all the Communists Democrats and Communists supporting Democrats like the Squad, Bernie Sanders. Compare Communist Party USA and Democratic agenda – they are the same. Many are thinking that the Democrats have now turned away from defunding police, Federalize the elections where they can cheat and steal elections, load the Supreme Court, etc. No they have not. For those of us who have served in military are seeing them play the oldest tricks in the book – say publicly they have changed their minds but privately keep the agenda for when they get all the power again. Also, When an Administration gets negative ratings with the American public, with future elections pending, going to war or military conflict, is a great trick to take Americans minds off their negatives and make them unify around the Administration. Unfortunately, after all is said and done and over, the Administration/political party goes right back to the negatives that turned Americans against them to start with. Why is Biden digging in his heels over sanctioning Russian oil? Here are our beliefs:

    The Democratic Party can not afford to lose the support of the Communist Party USA and BLM who has been helping them get candidates elected with the agreement they will pass some of CPUSA, BLM Communist agenda into law. Has Administration gone so far left it can no longer go against them if they want to pass any legislation? Have American Millionaires and Billionaires (Soros) bought off these Democrats with the intention Democrats will change America to their Radical Socialist/Communist agenda? Has Putin’s escalating threats and intimidation’s reached the point where Europe and America’s courage level has been reached/stopped? What happened to “Home of the Brave”?

    Just this morning learned Biden cut off Russian oil products. Also, Canada willing to open up the Keystone pipeline to America.


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