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    I wanted to speak with you regarding our publication, The Orange County Edition of Golfer’s Magazine. We are allowed to list 2 companies per Industry for this publication which is a good for a year. It´s different from advertising online or in The Yellow Pages where there are multiple companies that provide the services that you provide. Well after 3 months this publication’s sales deadline is on Monday, December 27th and we do not have a Business Management Consultant listed for this publication and I was wondering if National Hispanic Business Women Association would be interested in being the only Business Management Consultant listed for this publication? Our designers are in-house so we can start on your AD right away which we design at no extra cost. If so, please contact me. My contact information is listed down below.

    Thank You,


    Golfer’s Magazine stands apart as the premier publisher for businesses and services that want to cater to Individuals of high-end country clubs. Our Orange County Edition of “Golfer’s Magazine” will prove to be no exception. As one of the Recommended Services/Businesses, your listing in our magazine will be made available free of charge to the homeowners, members, guests, etc. of the high-end country clubs where they are distributed.

    I am enclosing a few items with this note. One is a link to our web site, which I highly encourage you to visit. Another is my contact information as well as a list of the facilities that receive our Country Club Magazine. We do look forward to earning your business and designing an AD for you soon.

    Thank you for your time. Have a great day!!


    Brian Webb

    (954) 272-8023

    View one of our publications at

    Club List (12)

    Shady Canyon Golf Club

    Big Canyon Country Club

    Mission Viejo Country Club

    Mesa Verde Country Club

    Meadowlark Golf Course

    SeaCliff Country Club

    Old Ranch Country Club

    Coto De Caza Golf Course

    Dove Canyon Country Club

    Laguna Woods Village Golf Course

    Marbella Golf & Country Club

    Riverview Golf Course

    Pricing & Page Sizes

    Prices are for the entire year for all clubs

    1/4 Page (4.75″ × 1.8″) $500

    1/2 page (4.75″ × 3.7″) $600

    Full Page (5.75″ × 8.75″) $800

    Prime Spots

    Front Inside Cover $1200

    First Page of Advertisement $1100

    Full Spread Centerfold $1600

    Left or Right Side of Centerfold $900 (Each Side)

    2 Full Page Spread Editorial $1500

    Back Inside Cover $1200

    Back Outside Cover $1500


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